My Approach

According to my approach, the person-centered perspective, the counselor is not giving advices, not trying to lead the client into the direction that he imagines to be good, but tries to create such an acceptant, empathic and authentic climate, in which the client can discover his or her own resources and solutions, find their own way of development.

I think that every person has in themselves their resources for growth, their solutions to their psychological difficulties. However, sometimes support is needed to find these resources and solutions, and in these cases, counseling can be helpful.

If you feel you are stuck with something, you have emotional, relational, or self-esteem problems, you are struggling with difficulties at your work, you don’t feel good the way you are, you would like to know yourself better, or you simply need somebody who listens to you in a caring way, please contact me with confidence.


The sessions last 50 minutes, the price is 10000 Ft / session.

In case you have financial difficulties, let me know, depending on my capacities, I can reduce the fee (min. 6000 Ft / session).

Location: Budapest, district V, Váci street 40.

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If you have any questions, just contact me!

The location of the sessions

district V.,
Váci street 40.

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Phone: +36 30/7007-170